UFO Sighting in South Carolina on July 17th 2015 – please help me understand these new lights in the nightsky.

I would just love to have a explanation of this orb like light that seems to appear every clear night and there are more than one but they all look the same as soon as I begin to record or take pictures it seems like other little flashing lights without color start to pop up…maybe I’m crazy but I have watched the night sky as long as I can remember. … this is new to me … help me understand what this or these objects are.?? As well as I have seen this big orange glowing orb hover over my pond in my backyard for what seemed like a very long minute and them went out like a light…and was never there. But I was not the only one who witnessed that orb however I wish I could have gotten a good pic of that one unfortunately I dont…but when u play with the color pixels on these photos u began to see a shape form.

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