JFK Assassination Conspiracy. Stunning New Evidence Shows TRUTH of Kennedy Killing

Conspiracy theory confirmed. New photo enhancement techniques reveal something horrifying in a photograph taken from the grassy knoll of the kennedy assassination. All previous theories as to who killed JFK will need to be reassessed following this discovery. Oswald most certainly did not act alone. If he acted at all. This video is a screamer. A popup. It contains no new evidence of anything except the gullibility of the people who buy into conspiracy theories.

JFK “Lee Harvey Oswald” Assassination “Lone Gunman” Conspiracy “Grassy Knoll” “Dealy Plaza” “Book Depository” Zapruder Film Footage Fake “Cover-up” Illuminati “Jack Ruby” “Twin Towers” “World Trade Center” 911 Nanothermite “David Icke” Sheeple

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