UFO Sighting in Elmwood Park, New Jersey on December 10th 1969 – was light in sky, then came directly at us got real bright melted snow burned us

Me and my Girlfriend were sitting at a local school down the street from our homes,when I saw a very bright light seemed like miles away moving up and down. I pointed it out to Debbie, my girl friend and then all of a sudden it seemed like it zoomed straight at us. We got scared and started to get ready to run, when all of a sudden this really bright red light flooded the area we were in, and as we ran up the street, I noticed that the heavy snow on the ground was melted. I saw her to her house and then I ran across the street to my house. I told my parents what had happened and they did not believe me. I was scared out of my mind and no one believed me. The next morning every exposed area of skin was like a bad sunburn and when I pointed this out I was told it was wind burn. I never told any one about this after I was not believed. And this is not the last time I have seen something.

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