UFO Sighting in Kernersville, North Carolina on July 20th 2015 – Silent Craft/Ufo photographed in North Carolina

Had just gotten home and noticed a bright light to my North East. As I stood and watched it get closer to me, I could see that the entire object was glowing. No blinking lights at all. As it was just about overhead, I snapped a photo of it. It was totally silent and was very bright and boomerang shaped. The entire craft was illuminated and appeared to be a golden color with a mix of Amber. As I watched it go overhead, it began to bank to the right and at this time, I snapped a second picture of it. About half way through its turn, the rear of it brightened and it increased its speed so dramatically, I was barely able to keep my eyes on it. The craft sped out of site toward the South West. I’m located in Kernersville, NC and there are two airports west and east of me. I see airplanes daily and I can say 100% that this was not an airplane. It’s sheer speed amazed me not to mention that it was totally silent. I don’t know what it was, but I know what it wasn’t!!

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