UFO Sighting in Saint Johns, Michigan on July 19th 2015 – ship with light bending capability

I stepped out front to have a cigarette and I noticed a large area of stars overhead were twinkling. When I looked up straight at the stars they did not twinkle. Only through periferal vision could I notice the twinkling stars. The area of twinkling stars was large but only directly overhead. I then noticed dark blue lights moving from east to west. They moved slowly across the sky silently.
I thought maybe heat was distorting the night sky as it does sometimes but only the stars overhead were twinkling not throughout night sky. After event no stars twinkled at all. I have never in my life seen anything like this. My guess based on research is this large ship had light bending capability and that is what made the stars twinkle. Curvature of the ship created this look as it could have been refraction the light from the stars above it. This could also be why when I looked directly up at the stars they did not twinkle but only with periferal vision did my eyes notice this. The lights were about 100 ft up (+or-) and from that distance they were about the size of LED Christmas lights in a dark royal blue color. There are lightning bugs in this area but they are a green to white color and usually fly around plants and trees sporadically. This was completely different and flew in a straight line in the night sky exactly from west to east over central Michigan 1/4 mile from hwy 127. I have not seen light bending technology before but as I stated from all my research this is exactly what this was. As to why this object had the dark blue lights fading from bright to dim, yet never blinking, I do not know. No one believes me but I know what I saw! Needless to say I completely forgot to smoke my cigarette. I hope this occurrence has been viewed by others either during this time or in the past in order to help track this specific type of vessel.

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