Are they GeoEngineering/Terraforming the Earth (Chemtrails) for the New Humans? – I think there are a number of different reasons they are geoengineering our planet but it’s quite possible that this is a slow motion ‘culling’ of bloodlines more native to the earth. In addition, some of our cities (like Portland, Oregon for example) may be cities were certain programs are in effect to drive out certain people and bring in certain humans with bodies (or levels of consciousness/vibration) more capable of living in such a polluted atmosphere. This is something I have mused upon a great deal over the years and especially since returning to Portland and seeing such growth combined with a sharp increase in local chemtrail activity. The people I knew in Portland’s past (prior to 2011) were far more friendlier, kinder, and warmer than they have been upon returning on 2014 after 3 years away. How might it be affecting people’s general mood? How about us?

This is website that has a lot of good documented info on geoengineering:

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