UFO Sighting in Fall River, Massachusetts on May 30th 2015 – 3 pulsating dArk orbs. black with color changing lights behind objects

I left my apartment and I was going to the store. I looked to my right and say 3 dark orbs with lights behind them. They were in a perfect triangle pattern. They moved up towards an abandoned school across the street when I looked up, all 3 halted for a second, and then continued at a faster speed. I tried to get a better view, but they were gone once they went behind the school. At first, I thought it was group of kids releasing those paper hot air baloons, but the light wasn’t coming through the objects, it was coming from around the objects. The sphere was black and shiny. There was a reflective nature to the objects. They emitted a yellow/green light. It felt like the objects saw me. There was no one else around at that time. Or at least no one I saw. When I looked up, the objects stopped and hovered in that location. Then when I tried to get get a better look, they moved on a little quicker. I wasn’t afraid. I was purely curious

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