UFOs in broad daylight, captured in Salerno Italy, July 15 [Photographic evidence]

I was on a recent cruise trip with my wife and friends across southern Europe (Italy, France, Spain) and one of the stop was Salerno, Italy. It was morning 3rd July 2015, the sky was clear, slightly sunny and weather was warm. The cruise docked at the bay and I started taking photos of a long bridge and mountain scenery. Then to my amazement, I caught UFOs, in well defined disc shape, with glowing lights on the bottom and front side in symmetrical pattern on 5 of my photos, all HD quality (4128×2322 px, 72dpi). My wife and one of my friend also captured them on photos, using IPhone. These objects were flying in straight line, from west to east. So, several photos, taken by multiple devices and 3 different witnesses. At the day of sighting, the bay was full of people and many people could have been witnesses as well.

That was 2 weeks ago. Went I returned home, I was contact back by the director of MUFON, they wanted a copy of all the photos and ownership of the photos. My wife’s friends used to work for a local press, so they contacted us and also wanted the photos and a news story for some compensation. All these interests seems strange to me, especially as they wanted to own the photos, meaning I loose the right to publish them, as it is, in full quality and resolution. My memory of the event is also fresh at this moment so I want to release these photos in their original state and quality and the sighting description and I don’t need UFO organizations or the press to do it. Please support me in this funding campaign anyone who wants a copy of the photographic evidence (4128×2322 px, 72dpi) will get them.

Preview resized image and 2D sketch of UFO when seen at full zoom.

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