Your help needed to find ET!


A $100 million alien life form search backed by famed scientist Professor Stephen Hawking and web billionaire Yuri Milner simply would not work without the public’s computer processing power – and you have the opportunity to participate with your PC, Mac, tablet or even your phone.

Leaders of the massive Breakthrough Listen search have rightly put crowdsourced processing – and open source computing – front and center in their 10 year search for extra terrestrial life.

The move makes complete sense – the volume of data could never be effectively gathered and analyzed without this processing power. Linking into the massive [email protected] initiative, which already has three million members of the public allowing space scientists to draw on their spare computing power, is the only way to process all the data being taken over thousands of hours each year from two of the world’s most advanced radio telescopes.

Your Smartphone Will Power Stephen Hawking’s Massive Extraterrestrial Search – Forbes

Direct link for Android: BOINC: compute for science

Direct link for Linux and Windows: BOINC: compute for science

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