Geo-Engineering 4 WORLD-DEPOPULATION (Eugenic-program of the GLOBAL Elite)


The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness.

The debate over whether geoengineering programs are going on is now a moot point. We have more than enough data to confirm it. We have actual footage showing tankers spraying. The materials showing up on the ground are exactly the same materials mentioned in the numerous geoengineering patents and documents.

Our skies today are simply not normal. Upon examination this cannot be denied. They are filled with nanoparticulates of heavy metals. But the skies have been filled with grid patterns for so long now that we are used to them and do not see them anymore. Sadly, the fact is that people do not look up.

To be clear, what we are seeing is not cloud seeding to increase rainfall. These particulates are designed to block the sun and move the jet stream. Dane explains how this is causing the drought and deluge being experienced around the globe.
Our atmosphere is nothing but a massive physics lab to geoengineering scientists who have no concern whatsoever about the consequences to humanity or any living thing, including themselves. The experiments are literally tearing the planet apart and destroying life on earth.

The reasons:

– Geoengineering related climate disruptions, extreme drought and deluge

– Ozone depletion

– Methane release

– Drastic reduction in arctic sea ice

– Global oxygen content reductions

– Oceans on the brink of collapse

– Massive fish die offs

– 200 species becoming extinct every single day

– A drastic rise in Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia

– Crisis level forest reductions

– The sterilization of soils making it impossible for plants to grow without Monsanto’s aluminum resistant seeds.

Deutscher Titel: Wettermanipulation – ZUR WELT-ENTVÖLKERUNG (Völkermörderisches Programm der GLOBALEN Elite)


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