UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on July 22nd 2015 – Went for a walk heard a jet in the distance the saw the 3 star ships in the distance by the mountians .

I was at the track agian around 8:30 I heard a jet flying around it sounded like it was right above me do I started looking for it till I saw it flying South east towards these star shape objects in the distance I started flashing my flash light in that direction as much as I could till I could not see them any more from the track .so by then I walked around to find my girlfriend so we can go so I started walking home when we got on the side walk right by Sunnyside high school I started with my flash light agian positing it in south sw so as I was doing that I notice a star that started blinking at first it was so high in the air I thought it was a plane but whenI flashed my light at it it flashed its light blinking it in the same order I was doing it . I did it 3 time then it did it 3 times so I started doing the light in differnt settings in excitement I told my girlfriend that was walking with me to look up and watch this so she saw the light blinking and traveling at the same Time it was a lil bit cloudy last night but clear enough to see the objects shape it looked like a star but an out line of a plate I could see the the shade of camouflage it ws using to cover it self in darkness Id say like the movie predator used with the alien all you cold see was the star light blinking away and it was going way faster and smoother then a jet no noise and slike as could be with all them air craft around and the base right there on Valencia . 3 days in a row I have witness UFOs in my back yard now the question is .Is it a hot spot or could it be the middle program in our back yard either way I believe in what. Seen . Also there wear 3 vans parked with 1 women in the back a man in the middle Van and another women parked Right in front of him the both of the women did not give me eye contact but the man did he was white with blue eyes and was wearing a black shirt that said FAX on it he looked right at me and lefted his head up to me like saying what are you looking at . It felt out of place because the two lady’s wear just staring at the sky and there wasn’t any school and it was night time and they wear parked at the bus pull in not a spot just to park and be there not doing anything . We’ll after a few time with the light I did go home and just stay inside .

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