UFO Sighting in Washington, Washington on July 4th 2013 – 2 unidentified flying objects during the 4th of July 2013

I was celebrating the 4th of July with friends at the corner of [address removed/cms/rjl] in Marysville, WA. One friend and I saw two separate red pulsating objects in the sky, off to the East, we confirmed with each other we were not seeing fireworks or flare guns, we sat outside, watched these lights travel the sky East to West, ascend and descend, the two lights would be far apart in the sky, one off to the west and one to the east and then within seconds they were right back next to each other in the sky. It could best be described as playing a game or tag, there was obvious communication between the two objects due to their travel patterns. My friend and I walked to the gas station, talked about what we were seeing, firmly both agree they were in fact UFO’s, I personally do not know of technology that would allow the travel patterns we witnessed, they could not have been fireworks, we were watching fireworks across the sky all night and comparing the fireworks to the crafts side by side in the sky. It appeared that time was manipulated, it appeared as though the crafts were able to travel from one side of us far in the sky to another side, appeared to be a very long distance in a very short amount of time. The size of the crafts appeared equal, both maybe a penny or between penny and quarter held up to the sky. They appeared closer or bigger than stars in the sky and would only stop moving for seconds, constant movement. I first noticed the objects because I was outside at a 4th of July party and staring into the sky watching fireworks but off to the left in my vision I kept seeing these red lights that were not acting the same as fireworks. I asked a friend present at the party if he would take a minute to see what I was seeing, we talked and observed the objects for what felt like hours. I would say the time frame was between 10 pm and 4 am. It was well after sunset pitch black sky but before the sunrise on the horizon. Pacific timezone. I felt overwhelmed at first, among 10 or so people present only myself and 1 other will go on record saying what we say was 2 UFO’s, the others present were too occupied with drinking, eating, conversing, playing outdoor games, overall celebrating the 4th of July. All I had to do was take 10 minutes, take a deep breathe and really absorb the information my brain was perceiving. There were no explanations for what I saw and every time I tell this story and someone discounts me saying, maybe it was fireworks, maybe it was a plane, maybe it was a flare, maybe, maybe maybe… They did not see what I saw and there is no way to convince people to perceive the information in the same way I did, without personal experiences some people will not be able or willing to understand what I am telling them/you. My fear disappeared after a few moments of reminding myself that only I am in control of my actions and if I am afraid communication will likely not happen. I have had very mind altering/ spiritual experiences since living in Washington state from 2012 until present. This among other experiences have transformed the way I view the world, the universe and consciousness as a whole. I am learning to face my fears and joining this site/ sharing my story is helping me do that. I believe there is no reason to be afraid of something that has demonstrated no harm, irrational fears are all inventions of your mind. Taking back control of my mind and freeing myself has allowed me to channel higher intellectual entities and I am on a path to share those experiences with the world. We are in need of unity, not division. We need to overcome or re-program the binary thought process most of our society uses to make decisions. This is not a matter of whether “aliens” or UFOs exist… this is a much much larger picture than that, take 1,000 steps back and ask not only why are they here, but what can we learn, what do we need to learn, what are we/ have we been doing wrong, what has offset the universe, how do we restore balance, how do WE create unity, community consciousness to global consciousness to universal consciousness. It all starts with you.

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