Alien Encounter in Illinois on July 23rd 2015 – I witness a tall green and grey like entity in my basement

I witnessed a tall green like alien in the basement of my house. The event lasted about five minutes, and I felt something special in my body. It felt as if i had lifted out of my body and froze for the length of time. Also during this special event i felt electrical charges in my body, my body was glowing with some form of energy. Also during this time the alien telepathically communicated with me. I witnessed some sort of space ship that their on, and they are working on experiments. The ship was in space orbit, and it had different types technology’s. The extra terrestrials have so much more advanced technology. On this particular event i saw that they are working on creating human flesh in the labs. There are many projects that they are working on,and it has to do with earth. I’m including further information that I would like to share with MUFON.
The alien agenda is to persue human exploration, and their primarily visiting earth for scientific reasons.
The extra terrestrials have told me that when they arrive on earth they are in charge of it. Their very concerned about our nuclear capabilities, and how we use them in the future. The grey that contacted me, was from planet Zeta Reticulie, and they call them selves the Templars,and Centroniions. The original temple builders. They ordered human beings to build most of the temples on earth. Also they has something to do with creating planets. They may have some sort of weapon that can create planets.

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