Kepler 452b ET Hypothesis

Hello All,

Kepler 452b. Great discovery. But what if the Planet sadly is no longer there. What Kepler is seeing is what was there 1,400 years ago. This thread is for discussing the idea that if ET is here then the beings came from 452b. The scenario is this: the extraterrestrials that were living on the Planet were much further advanced by several million years. Their technology was such that they knew of Earth. At some point their Home was going to be destroyed either by an enormous impact or even by their own hand. The reason for the demise isn’t important really. What is important to the discussion is that they knew their home was going to become uninhabitable and so plans were made to leave and come here and perhaps elsewhere as well.

If the Planet was going to get completely destroyed then they would have to be quite far away at the moment of destruction so as not to be collateral damage. Maybe they were being invaded by another species. It may also have meant leaving 500 years before the destruction sequence. At the speed of light it would put them here 1,400 years from the day they left. Some would perhaps have stayed behind as defenders and decoys so the rest could escape. Not everyone may have made it here either once on the journey. In either case the Kepler satellite could be seeing the Planet as it was shortly before it’s destruction and by shortly I mean perhaps one or two hundred years.

So, ET can’t go back. THEY know their Home is gone but we don’t- at least not yet anyway. I thought this would be a good exercise in helping to understand distances, time, and also the idea that what Kepler finds is not in real time but in past time and what that actually means for such discoveries. It’s also kind of a new ETH to play around with. I also am hoping that this thread might also be a home for any Kepler 452b updates as well.

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