TV UFO Footage: UFO Caught On TV During the 2002 FIFA World Cup(Slow Motion and Zoom Footage)

The UFO footage from ARD (German TV channel) was recorded
before the South Koreavs. Italy match in Daejeon, South Korea
on 18 June 2002, at around 8:25 p.m.
The footage appears to show a self-luminous, fast flying, right angle turning, cylindrical shaped UFO.
The thumbnails show that the unknown object appears on the TV screen from behind the stadium screen (therefore no insect or bird).
I also reported about this footage on 16 March 2013:


The front of the object appears from behind the corner 
of the stadium screen ( image)

Now the whole object can be seen
( image)

The stadium screen is in the upper right corner of the image

( image)

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