UFO Sighting in Sheffield, on May 5th 2014 – Filming the sunset sky, realised video contained potential UFO months after event after looking through all the videos I had recorded whilst living in Sheffield.

1. Sheffield UK, Gleadless Valley, Heeley Constituency area. S14 postal area.

Recording video looking West towards the sunset lit clouds. Suspected unidentified aerial object is visible for less than 3 seconds moving through the cloud layer. It is distinctly not a plane or a helicopter, also the distance beyond the edge of Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, indicates size must have been substantially larger than a passenger aircraft.

I made nothing of it at the time, having not noticed it until I was looking over all my sunset recordings, no other recordings were made. The recording was accidental, thus no attempts to get a 2nd recording or focusing in on the object were possible.

Evidently It is strictly an unidentified aerial object of some kind, thus my report to this website…

Anyone who looks at this recording will know as much about it, its clearly flying, beyond the clouds, or amongst them, cant tell the angle of flight, could be straight, could be curving, simply cannot tell from a side panning recording what the flight pattern of the object was like, but it is distinctly not plane shaped, leaves no usual trail like a passenger plane, it is also a dark object, clearly grey or some dark colour, no reflection visible, you might be able to see more by zooming in on the video

Obviously not realizing what is was when recording means I had no reaction to it whilst I was filming and taking photos of the sunset.

It is recorded in a 3 second long 1080p recording so you should be able to get a closer look yourself by zooming in on the video, although the light level is not good due to it being sunset. Video is very short, object moves through sky and probably continued after the recording stopped, but obviously I was not trying to record it, having not noticed it, thus I made no further recordings.

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