Black Triangle Sighting in Leitchfield, Kentucky on July 12th 2015 – Hovering, then slowly decending with fading lights. Over playground.

It was me and my two cousins out for a drive around 10:30 at night. We went for a quick restroom stop at the nearest park available. We all exited the car with my two cousins walking towards the building, when i noticed three, pulsating lights, hovering about 500-600 ft. In the area. I looked at my nearest cousin and asked, “Do you see that?” We were both in denial, as he assumed it was three helicopters. I yelled for my other cousin to see it. We acknowledged there was no helicopter sound, rather than a hum/buzz. As we proceeded to watch the orbs hover, they slowly hovered towards us, turning from a triangle shape, into a boomerang formation. They seemed to descend, but the orbs were disappearing, one by one, as it was detaching itself, and leaving the area on its own. We rushed to the car in shock and awe, having no clue who we could tell, and if anyone would believe us.

After driving away from the sight, two minutes driving on the nearest parkway back home, I quickly noticed two black helicopters, flying away from the area we came from. I’m the only one taking initiative to remotely speak about this, since we were the only ones in the area to witness such an frightening sight.

I was the driver, and I’m only 17 years old. Please tell us we’re not the only ones. We needed someone to talk to about this.

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