Commercial air traffic in relation to UFO in area…

I was on the NUFORC website and came across this recent event, I thought it was important, because it shows that commercial air traffic responded to the UFO by changing courses to fly around it, so that means, the tower, the pilots, and everyone else involved in the operation of the airport, have a specific procedure when one of these things show up near a busy airport, Im wondering its in print or in a database anywhere though, like a training manual maybe?

Plus, there are alot of airports around the world, so this means ALOT of people involved probably know about this procedure, they would have to…right? In the past, I have tried looking for any past or present airport tower employees coming out and talking about this, but didnt find much, seems like there would be at least a few though, when that many people are involved.

Can anyone think of a good way to search for information about this? Like maybe modern training manuals/operations manuals for tower personal? Im not sure of those kinds of things are available to the public, whether they would be online somewhere, in a library?

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