SUN & SCIENCE NEWS: April 26, 2014: X-Class Solar Flare Footage, Chemtrails & Geoengineering

SOLAR ACTIVITY in the past 24 hours.
– xray flux: B-Class Baseline
– solar flare count: 4
– biggest flare: X1.3 / C3.3
– biggest solar flare producer: 12046


– new / incoming spots: some new but no offical numbers yet and 4 more on the way tomorrow
– magnetic classes: Gamma magnetics on Earth-facing spots
– growth rates – lost strength / as often happens after a big flare


– filament eruptions: none
– filament threats: several huge filaments in geo-effective positions, should stay steady though. Should be too much disturbance there.

– coronal holes: Trans-polar negative polarity stream is back, albeit much weaker this time.
– coronal hole power: Low
– mag conn: southern hemisphere / outgoing limb edge


– above 4.0 – 17
– above 5.0 – 4
– 6+ – none


It seems like the universe served some of my favorite topics on a silver platter for my birthday. Last night as the 24th turned into the 25t UTC time, we saw an X-Class solar flare. Something that I have been waiting for impatiently since the last one. This morning I woke up to the whole sky covered in persistent contrails. Another topic that im very passionate about. The only part that I’m not too sure about is why? Some have speculated that these flight are for climate change mitigation. Cover the sky with particulates to create clouds, which in turn creates shade. Simple concept in theory. A Second, more devious idea, was proposed to explain these flights as an instrument of financial gain in the derivatives market on the Mercantile Exchange. This I think is the more believable idea. What do all men with power want? More power. There is a storm system off our coast and the air currents feeding it were right over New York City. All these particulates will move west and into the storm. So now the big question. Is it to rain the storm out before it reaches our dear dear friends in the UK? OR is it to strengthen the system because there’s a bet in the derivatives market for a damaging spring storm in the UK. I will watch this storm like a hawk and see what it does. Off the record, I suspect that this system will produce either flooding or snow in the UK but it may as well dissolve also. In any event, we’ll know what it does in a few days.

One more thing to add. This morning as I was taking photos of this activity for a documentary im working, I caught what looks to me like a Boeing B1 Bomber. There are a few passenger planes that look similar, such as the learjet 45, the Citation 800 and The Cessna Jet. But the key here is the location of the engines and the vertical stabalizer. The B1B fits all the features. I wish I had the 300mm lens with me. It’s brilliant if you think about it because the B1B was designed to carry heavy payloads. With its swept-wing design, it can fly high and slow with a big payload because it can pivot it’s wings to get more lift. Also has low radar observability. Makes perfect sense. Im sure they aren’t all B1B’s but to do what they were doing this morning im sure you need extra planes.


– past 24 hours: On it’s way down from 470km/s
– current speed / density: 410km/s
– ENLIL forecast: Both speed and density to continue falling to baseline level through tomorrow.


– proton flux: lowest energies still elevated
– electron flux: still elevated


– 24 hour magnetic field history: calm
– Bz Peak: -5nT
– current conditions: calm
– KP Index: 2

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