UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on June 30th 1991 – Light hovering over the ridge and a “mother ship” following.

I was at a friends in Pleasant Unity one night just talking and hanging out. We usually drink beer, but I did not this night. Somewhere between 2:00 and 3:00 AM, I left to head back to my parents house on 982 just east of Baggaley. As I passed the Latrobe airport, I saw a strange light over the ridge. It was very bright and I could not make out the shape of the object making the light. It was flashing irregularly, but not fast. I pulled over to watch it. It seemed to just hover over the tree line at the top of the ridge, then systematically move down hill. Then it would move back to the top of the ridge a little to the east and do it again. As I watched, I flashed my headlights in an attempt to get their attention. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw what appeared to be a very large vessel very high up in the air. It was mainly pink and kind of blimp shaped. It had what appeared to be lights around the center, but I can’t recall what color they were now.

I was so excited, I got in my car and drove the few miles left to my house. My plan was to wake my mother up to see them if they were still visible. They were not visible from our house, so I just went to bed.

The next day, I went back to my friends house in Pleasant Unit, and there were what appeared to be army personnel all around the fence surrounding the Latrobe airport. Then later that night as I was going home via the same route, there was something on the runway (out of view as it was down in a gully) that was flashing and lighting up the sky. I don’t recall seeing army personnel then.

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