Black Triangle Sighting in Wildeshausen, Lower Saxony on July 31st 1998 – Flying triangle with no sound but white lights in the edges

At first I would like to tell you that I translated my written text into English. The Questions above were tricky. I write you, because I saw on N24 a documentation about UFOs and about your organisation.

It happened on a Saturday evening between 20 and 21 o’clock. I drove from Delmenhorst to Wildeshausen (Lower Saxony, Germany) on the way to a disco. It is not possible to give an exactly date, because I did not write it down. BUT: I worked from Monday to Friday and on Friday evening I always went to sports. So it is most seemly a Saturday. It only could be the year 1998 or 1999. The month could be August or Septembre.

I remember the weather of that evening: it was light, temperature was comfortable, perhaps 20��C. The streets were dry and the trees full of green leaves. In the sky the cloud cover was closed and I saw a flying object crossing my street and flying in the hight of the under edge of the cloud cover.

I had never seen something like that and I immediately stopped my car, stopped the machine and jumped out to see and listen. But I heard nothing but the highway no. 1 (2 km away). Shape: It was a triangle. In the edges there were very intense white lights and in the middle I saw a small red light – I think it was blinking but am not sure. I could not see a light beam.

The velocity was constant. The path was straight. I have problems to guess the hight and speed and its size. BUT: We know s. th. about the weather. That might help.

A few months ago on N24 I saw a documentation about UFO sightings in Europe in the 80’s. It was in Belgium, where exactely those objects were seen, what I saw. So I didn’t feel alone with this and wrote my sighting down.

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