Mother Earth The Artist, Los Angeles 7:00 AM, 5-3-15

“Humanity at large is on a “taking binge” with little
understanding of the necessity of a return flow of energy to
the planet through appreciation and honoring the provisions
that maintain life.”
book 3 ref,

cool refreshing day with beautiful skies in West Los Angeles 7:00 AM Sunday May 3rd 2015. I just finished my 16 mile Purviance Pyramid bike ride, 4th day in a row of the 16 mile early morning pyramid bike ride. I went to Venice Beach, over to Santa Monica and then back.

“Make A Purviance Pyramid” (FREE videos online), or buy one here:—blog.html

Getting Rid of Chemtrails (a poem)

Getting rid of chemtrails, this I do,
And now I show for all do too.

An open air orgone pyramid’s the way.
Purviance Pyramids clear the skies of chemtrails everyday.

Twenty seven inch base is all you need,
To rid the sky of any chemtrail greed.

The pyramid needs upward sky see,
Not parked under a tree stifling energy.

Every Morning here’s the regimen.
Sixteen miles or more starting 5 AM.

The Purviance Pyramid needs moving every day,
Before sunup, a number of miles that way.

Summertime start closer to A.M. 4,
And you’ll soon be saying, “No more chemtrails galore!”

Thank you very much for your support.
Help mother earth and receive galactic consort.

“This creates a considerable dilemma in coming up with a consortium of qualified and empowered “beings” willing
to become involved in such a situation for serving in this capacity puts their own evolution at risk. Evolution is in reality
a growing participation in responsibility. It is not a movement to a Utopian existence of lesser involvement or fewer
responsibilities. Just as maturation into earthly experience naturally involves greater participation and responsibility, so also
does evolvement into the higher dimensional realms.”
pg. 125 book 3 ref,

“Any desired manifestation that is in harmony with the higher/finer intent receives reinforcing energy and therefore is
able to receive advantageous assistance in manifesting without needing to be aware of what it is or how it came. In other
words, that which resonates with the greater plan of wholeness draws to it through the law of attraction added supportive
pg. 19 book 3 ref,

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