UFO Sighting in Mühleberg, Bern on July 17th 2015 – A flickering transparent cloud like very hot air, white ball appeared surrounded by very warm air

Morning walk with dogs. Suddenly a transparent object appears. The air starts flickering like on a hot day in a desert. It was around 20degress Celsius at this time. At the moment the object appeared, a very hot wind started to blow. After a few seconds a little white-grey ball appeared out of the object, moving towards me and my dogs. Around me the air was extremely warm. I felt something like an eletric field and I had the feeling of an non-verbal, unknown communication, a beautiful, peaceful heat in my body. I tried to take a picture with my mobile phone. In that moment something like a flash hit me and I thought I’m falling down. When I was on the ground I picked up my phone: The time indicated on the display was +30 minutes! The air wasn’t hot anymore and the object was away. The two dogs woke up 50min minutes later

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