UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on June 9th 2015 – 2 bright orange lights that dimmed when I took out camera. One above the other

I was driving too work one night and looked out my driver side window and noticed two stationary red/orange lights hovering one above the other over some houses. At first I thought it was a communications tower but then when realizing exactly what they were over I realized it was over a residential neighbourhood. I am very familiar with the area so this caused me to roll my window down to get a better look (I have dark tint on my windows of my car). Now that I was looking at these orbs without anything ruining my view, I noticed them starting to move from there original position (West) and slowly heading south. This is when I decided I had to pull over my car. (it is a fairly busy route so pulling over quickly was dangerous yet I still felt the need to veer on to the side of the road). I have witnessed these orbs 3 times in my life before this event and tired of everyone calling me crazy, I needed to get a photo or video for the non-believers. As I darted out of my car I took my cell phone and proceeded to try and video the orbs. My phone seemed to be stalling/loading for a period of time that is not normal. I bought the phone 4 months ago and it has always ran very smoothly. Sure enough, the camera app opens and seconds before I am able to push the capture button, the two orbs went off. Off but no away. While looking through my phones camera I was not able to see any objects because it was already pretty dark out. As I looked up (normal vision, not through camera) I noticed I could still see two objects in the sky just sitting there. I stared at these objects for a least another 2 minutes hoping they may light up again. This did not happen. I decided that I would leave because I was on the side of the highway and these objects were not making themselves visible again. When I got to work I noticed my watch had randomly stopped as well right at 9:02pm. Battery completely dead.
Like I said this is the third time this has happened to me in my life and I have been aggressively educating myself on all unexplained occurrences.

This is more or less too see if anyone else out there happened to see what I saw. It will make me feel alot less crazy if I had some actual evidence to back up my claims.

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