UFO Sighting in Winsford, on June 27th 2015 – Two Silver Balls Hovering at the same height.

I Was working on my car at the back of my house. We live not far from Manchester airport about half an hours drive and occasionally get air traffic passing over head on route to land at Manchester airport.
I heard what sounded like a large jet gaining altitude, and was curious as we normally just get them going into land at about a 1000 feet or so. So I was looking for the source of the noise, and couldn’t see due to patchy cloud.
Then I noticed what I thought was a high flying plane between some clouds, I discounted this straight away as it had no wings and I had a clear view,it was a silvery ball, I then noticed another object to the South of the first that looked exactly the same, they seemed to be stable and hovering.
The first ball then seemed flash a dark section of it’s exterior to the other ball, then a few seconds later it did the same thing back to the first ball.
I then ran into the house to grab my phone to make a video, but I cannot see them on the video.

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