Trees Dying Geoengineering Weather Warfare Chemtrails Bankers Attack Planet Earth

In my own words I try to expose truth as a man on a PATH to the LIGHT of truth, every day I am compelled to tech what my heart tells me… I talk about NEWS spelled backwards is swen short for swindler, Paid Liars so I try to open the eyes and ears of the ones who seek TRUTH without FEARS I call fictional Fears for what is FEAR but something you altered mind has created it is not REAL…
I expose mostly Chemtrails NANO Aluminum that will change the course of this EARTH and Humanity for all times, Geoengineering, Smart Meters Microwave Radiation, EMF, Cell Towers, DIRTY ENERGIES outside the REALM of GODS energy SCHUMANN RESONANCE or GODS RESONANCE… I talk about Fracking and how the GLOBAL ELITE want to steel all WATER on this planet for themselves and kill all the water on the ATOMIC LEVEL…NUCLEATE the waters of life all species on earth will perish.. I believe my path is set, I believe we have all been JUDGED or are being JUDGED as I type from my heart…What will you do when you have no food or no clean water to drink.. Will you live by the sword, will you teach truth or stand with our creator or by pagan symbols in your life you never really knew existed, on your government buildings, churches even the word church means in Latin a PAGAN GOD. All global corporations have these logos of Satan, Saturn worship pyramids, the all seeing eye, rings, horns, bulls, upside down five pointed stars turned right side up for now to deceive you, you clothes separates you from your creator with symbols of evil pagan GOD and you don’t know what you’re doing… NO engraved images, I am that I am calling you but you’re to busy watching PAGAN BOX OF LIES TV… I am simply a man who suffered and did not call out to the POLICE, SUED, REVENGED or hurt anyone who hurt me I scream out stop sinning to the ones I love and they simply will not listen they associate my passion of LOVE with a NEW WORLD BANKER TERRORISTS created called VIOLENCE, nothing about me is violent I am a man who stand firmly with TRUTH, my heart speaks out DO NOT SIN AGAINST MY COVENANT of LIFE I agreed to when I was born, I have fought the enemy all my life they stole my life I desired my children, replaced their minds with mind control weapons rejected TRUTH and all they want to talk about are things I left behind forever…I do not JUDGE, I do not DICTATE I simply repeat what my heart tells me by a very GREAT FORCE OF A HIGHER WISDOM… I see men trying to be PAGAN GODS to control the PLANET and just like the PAGAN GODS of yesterday they are rising to POWER again follow them and follow eternal death, stay away from wealth and exit all the pagan symbols out of your lives, SUN GOD, SYMBOLS, FISH GODS , GODS of SATURN, PYRAMIDS and the ALL SEEING EYE…THE ONE TRUTH GOD lives in your heart and will tell you what to do for all eternity you need no man to tell you how to live it is written in your ATOMS… Once you fall for the great trick that men rule men you’re eternally separated from GOD of CREATION there is no divine right this is PAGAN…If your anointed then he has divine right over you…No man stands for JESUS no religion owns the Earth, divine babysitters of the earth are all PAGAN…The ROMAN POPE worships DAGON the FISH GOD, form the sea notice his hat, shaped like a fish, he does not worship the TRUH GOD of the LIGHT…

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