UFO Sighting in Indian Springs, Nevada on March 9th 2012 – Round object flying along highway emitting no noise with two lights

At around 0215 while on my way to work at Creech AFB, I noticed two white lights following the highway. I was traveling at about 75 mph and I was approaching the object fast. I got out my phone and started to record but my battery died. When I got almost under the object I could tell that the object was round in shape and large in size. I rolled down my window and I could not hear anything even though it was no more than 100 feet above me. I continued to drive and got in front of the object. I pulled over and turned off my car and watched it pass by. Soon after it passed where I stopped the object went vertical incredibly fast disappeared in the sky. I spent 12 years in the Air Force with at Top Secret security clearance and I have never seen anything like this craft in our inventory.

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