UFO Sighting in Ontario, Ontario on July 21st 2015 – Witnessed Three Bright Star like UFO’s appear from the same spot in the sky, ‘dance’ then become stationary. Flashed my phone flashlight at these things twice & observed a fourth UFO appear. it proceeded to flash the BRIGHTEST white light at me TWICE!

As Noted Above, This sighting occurred on the clear night of Tuesday 21st July 2015. I had just finished a late walk, with my dog in a forested area North of where i Live. Slowly walking back on the Gravel road (Walking North) looking up at Stars i stopped & turned around to look at the Southern sky. At exactly 10:05 pm I witnessed a very Bright Star Like UFO Appear in the Sky. (Brighter that all other stars). It started Ascending slowly in an erratic manner (Moving Side to Side), with the Brightness of the object changing as it went (Bright White). (pulsating). A few seconds later (~15-20 seconds) Another Bright star like UFO appeared, from the same spot in the sky as the first. The second also started acting in a similar manner, Ascending, erratic movement, pulsating brightness. not even ~5-10 seconds later a third bright Star Like UFO appeared, again from the same spot in the sky & started behaving like the other two. I witnessed all three star like UFO’s Ascend upwards in the manner described above, for a couple minutes (~2 min). Then all Three UFO’s became stationary in the Sky (at the same time), & stabilized their brightness. At this point all three looked like Stars. (Same brightness As the other stars). Although the First UFO that appeared was notably brighter, than the other two that were stationary below it in the sky.

(I initially thought (for the first 5 seconds) when observing the First UFO appear in the sky, that it was a Commercial Plane (with head lights on) that had turned toward me in the sky. But quickly realized, after witnessing it erratic movements that i was incorrect. needless to say this was affirmed after observing the other Two UFO’s appear from nowhere & perform the same movement/ pulsating actions.

After All Three UFO’s became stationary in the Southern sky i decided to pull out my phone & take a picture (10:08 PM). (I was in AWE when this was happening & taking a picture or video didn’t even cross my mind)! I snapped a photo & 30 Second video (which i have) but both didn’t turn out.. just black, no stars or anything). Quickly realizing my attempts of documentation we’re useless, i decided to signal to them…

I flashed my phone (i Phone 5) flashlight at these now stationary UFO’s twice & watched. Not even a minute later (~30-45 seconds), I observed a fourth UFO appear in the southern sky from the same spot as the others. this one displayed the same movements & pulsating characteristics as the others. BUT this one flew almost right over me (Slightly to my right, in the South Western sky) & the most amazing thing proceeded to happen…

This fourth Star Like (Round) UFO was much closer than the other three (within 1km, although it is hard to estimate). When it got almost right over me changed into an Oval shape & Flashed the BRIGHTEST White Light at me twice!! then disappeared!!!! … I have no Words to describe …

My feelings we’re that of goose bumps, AWE, Humbleness, Warmth, Friendship & Love.. Very strange, i find it hard to describe in words.

I was brought to tears, which i can tell you doesn’t happen often..

Anyways, I sat & watched the three Stationary UFO’s for almost two hours (until 11:45 pm), Did not observe any other Movements in them / or change in color. Nothing else unusual was observed in that time so i got in my car & went home, because i had work in the morning.

I would just like to note this is the First time I have reported a sighting / experience. Thank you for all your efforts!

Most sincerely,


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