UFO Sighting in Ontario, Ontario on March 31st 2000 – light like flare from top to ground then changed from 2d to3d 1km long then went across lake ontario

Going south on Winston ChirchIll Blvd south south of the QEW saw of to my front right what seemed to be an early shoooting star firework from a local backyard but instead of it coming from the ground up it was coming from the top down from about 100 feet up .I thought it was a flare from a helecopter at that moment it changed shape from a small oject of bright light to a cigar shape object of amence size. At this time I was stopped at a light the car next to me a jeep cherecy black . We both rolled down our windows he said what was that? I shrouged my choulders we both know what we saw. When the light changed I could see the large object 1 km across with 12 or so lights near the bottom hovering of the shore of the lake about 500 feet and just like in a star wars movie speed fast above the lake south untill the was only a point and gone.

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