A Ufo that could hear me from miles away?

Okay so I’m going to try and explain an experience I had years ago. It was the only time I had a close encounter with a UFO that I can be sure of.

I was at my sister’s house staying the night. She lived in a very small town and so it was a very quiet night when this experience occurred. It was very late, I’d say around 2 AM, and I was playing around on the computer, talking to my boyfriend, listening to Alex Jones (a radio talk-show host) and at some point I went outside for a cigarette. It was slightly cold out and I had my hood up. I noticed an eerie feeling as I stood outside. There wasn’t much noise. It actually seemed like there should have been much more noise. I just stood out there looking at the night sky, thinking and wondering why it was so quiet. The wind chime outside was chiming a little but that sound even made me feel weird. It was as if it was abnormal. I didn’t let the fact that I felt weird about how it sounded outside bother me too much and I kept staring at the stars. I saw one star, or what I thought was a star, that was very bright. Then it started moving to the right and so I no longer thought it was a star. I thought it must be a plane. As I watched it slowly move across the sky, I thought to myself, “what if it’s a UFO…” and then I said out loud, just to humor myself, “Yeah, you’re not fooling me.” and as soon as I said “me” it stopped moving; and started going in THE OPPOSITE direction. My mind was confused because as far as I knew, planes can’t just stop in mid-air and go in a different direction. So I stood there, watching it, baffled. As I watched it I noticed it was getting brighter…why was this? I didn’t know what was going on. As it got brighter I saw that it was changing colors from yellow to orange to green, and it just kept getting brighter. I heard a soft rumble then realized why it was getting brighter. It was getting closer! I started to panic a little and just watched it, wondering what I should do. I didn’t know whether or not I should be standing there still. I did stay though, but as soon as it started coming over the treeline 50-100 feet out in the yard, I went into flight mode. I wanted so much to know what it was but my instincts told me to run and hide. I was filled with fear, it was right above my head before I slammed the door shut and ran to call my mom. I would have woke up my sister and her husband but they both had to work the next day and probably would have called me crazy. I called my mom terrified and crying, she tried her best to listen and didn’t make me feel like I was crazy. She told me to wake up my sister and so I did. My sister did not believe me. I could tell she didn’t. I said to her, “You don’t believe this happened, do you?” She said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you but I wasn’t there.” But I could tell she was confused and unsure about it all. She told me to watch some tv and just to try and calm down and go to sleep. I tried but I would not close my eyes until it became day. As I waited for daylight to shine through, I saw a wood centipede scuttle across the floor. I swear, I was still terrified because I thought it was something the aliens sent to get me. I thought it was something like in the Matrix where that thing went into his belly button. I looked it up though and found out it was just a wood centipede. Eventually it was day and I fell asleep but I have never stopped thinking about that night.

Now I’ll describe what it was that hovered over me before I ran in fear.

It was tear-drop shaped, dark/metallic looking. There were lights on the sides of it that seemed to be regular white lights but on the bottom of the craft was a strip of lights in the center that changed colors constantly. the point of the tear drop shape pointed toward the direction it was moving. The point was slightly rounded. It made a rumbling thunder type of noise as it moved. It seemed to be able to hover. I was so afraid that I couldn’t get the best look at it. I really wanted to stay outside and see what would happen but as I said, my instinct to run took over.

I feel like it heard me say, “You’re not fooling me.” I had read all kinds of things about UFOs before this happened because I was into anything paranormal or out of the ordinary. I had never had anything like this ever happen to me before though and I’ve never had any hallucinations before either. I poured over photos of UFOs on the internet trying to find someone who had seen something similar. To no avail. Most people see saucer-shaped disks, triangular, and cigar-shaped ones. I would really appreciate it if anyone could relate a similar experience with me.

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