UFO Sighting in Evanston, Wyoming on February 25th 2014 – 8 ORANGE orbs flying in line

8 ORANGE orbs seen flying in single file formation about 500 ft up.

One ORANGE orb caught my eye, out my living room window, where I sit with the couch under the window. Looking S/E about 1mi away from me, a bright orange orb was coming towards me in a right to left direction. (If I was at 6 o’clock, the orbs were flying from 2 to 7 o’clock). Then I saw another orange orb, approx 100 yds behind the first one. Then another appeared. Then another. Looking back at Orb#1, it was now closer…maybe .5mi away. These orange orbs were solid in nature, no blinking, flashing, or dimming. At any one time…my son and I saw 4 or 5 lights all in a row…stringing from left to right…with the left light being the closest and the far right being the farthest away. It was already sundown, as this occurred just after dusk.

Now the wierd part. All 4-5 of these orbs were moving slowly and smoothly, then the first orb light faded out…then orb #5 appeared. Then orb #2 faded out and #6 orb appeared, and so on. Until all 8 orbs eventually appeared and faded just before hitting the town limits. These orbs did NOT change direction ever, so it’s not like the 1st orb turned, and that’s why I couldn’t see the light. Again, at any one time, we saw 4 or 5 of the orbs…all bright deep orange. We walked out front and watched….it was dead silent….no sound at all. We should have heard sound from that distance. All orbs flew at the same altitude….I would say at about 500ft up. No trail, smoke, or fire around the orbs. Just pure orange light. Missed out on getting a camera.

NOTE: These objects were moving about helicopter cruising speed…on a windless night. They looked to be about 20-30ft in diameter…NOT Chinese lanterns!!

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