UFO Sighting in Gladstone, Missouri on July 28th 2015 – Large blue plasma looking ball was hovering over my building and then at a snap of the finger it shot north at unspeakable speed. Absolutly amazing.

I left my apartment to go to McDonalds between 8:00 and 8:20PM, at this time of night its almost dark but there was a little light left. Sky was absolutely clear, no clouds from horizon to horizon…..from my perspective. Upon pulling into apartment entrance I noticed a BRIGHT very pretty blue ball hovering over my building, around 500 feet above my apartment to be exact. I emidiatly checked to make sure there was no reflection of anything in my car that would cause what I’m looking at. After a minute of not moving at all I was fixed on it. I stared it down hard to make sure it wasn’t a balloon or Chinese lamp or anything that would give me a movement of blowing in the wind. It stayed absolutely still and to my surprise the blue plasma looking ball shot north at a snap of a finger. I mean it went from stationary to faster than a bullet in a blink…..that’s how fast. I seen the direction it went but it was so so fast it could not have been made by human intelligence. I looked and couldn’t find if anyone else reported something similar but from what I seen, they probably left it alone but I have to say something as it has changed my life. What I saw WAS IMPOSSIBLE. That object could have left LA and reached new York in seconds maybe even a single minute. It was beautiful and leaves me questions I cant answer. If I know that a similar report is on file with Mufon I would feel a lot better as I don’t want to be the only one who witnessed what I did.

I will have words with anyone who says I didn’t see what I saw or try to throw some explanation as to what I seen cause nothing in all of human history can explain what I saw. Simply put, it was not made on earth or if it was, we are so far ahead of what is actually being told to us.

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