UFO Sighting in Ontario, Ontario on July 24th 2015 – White glowing orbs flying North in Bayview Steels Area

Every night for the last 5 nights I have observed white orbs floating across the sky in a Northerly direction in Thornhill Ontario Canada. They start around 10:30, and end around 5am. Some travel in a South East direction, but most are North, to North East. I have recorded several of these orbs with a HD Canon Handy cam, but the resolution is not sufficient to give any kind of real detail. They are so common, I have stopped recording them, and just enjoy the show. I would estimate most to be about 500-1000 feet, but a few have been much lower, I would estimate 200 feet.

They appear every 10-20 minutes or so throughout the night, the longest I’ve had to wait is 45 minutes before seeing another one fly by.

A few of them will grow in intensity, and then vanish, most are just glowing balls of light though.

Btw, last summer, they were just as common. I am amazed this isn’t on the news.

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