Black Triangle Sighting in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on July 27th 2015 – Large defined silhouette corner of triangle shape in thunder cloud seen because of lightening in front of and behind

The last few years I have been bothered by barometric pressure changes in weather that give me headaches, even when I am in a dead sleep, they’ll wake me up. Last Monday morning at 2:40AM it was no exception waking up because the weather outside was changing along with being really noisy. I sat up on the edge of my bed for a minute with a pounding headache thinking about going to the kitchen to get an Excedrin Migraine pill. As I sat there looking out of my bedroom window before getting up, I noticed how weird and alive the sky was above as I looked out seeing continuous, and I mean continuous lightening flashes and thunder within one cloud above as I was watching. I was mesmerized by how it seemed to continue with the same intensity, one lightening flash after another, for almost 10 minutes without the cloud moving in any direction. The lightening never ceased or slowed which I thought was weird considering all the thunder storms I have seen all my life. I have never seen intensity as that was ever. I was about to get up when I noticed some flashes of lightening that appeared to be in front of and behind the corner of a triangle silhouette with in the cloud. It was very brief, maybe for 3 to 4 seconds, but the edge of what I saw was very hard and solidly defined about half ways into the object with the rest just fading into the cloud. I had no way to judge how high or big it was considering the continuing of the lightening flashes–maybe 5000 feet up–I don’t know… Startled by what I saw I forgot about getting a pill for my pounding head but got up and went out onto my deck. I stood and watched the same cloud for the next half hour. It wasn’t raining but there was a ton of energy in the night air. I thought about getting my camera but didn’t think I could capture what was going on with the continuous lightening strikes in the cloud and maybe over exposing the picture. The only time I ever saw the silhouette image was when I was sitting on the edge of my bed looking thru the bedroom window. There is nothing inside the bedroom or even outside that would have given me this as being a false illusion. I considered that all the next day and saw nothing obvious that would twist or reflect what I saw thru the window earlier that morning. I thought about waking my wife so she could see this weird one cloud lightening within itself, but didn’t realizing she had to get up in 2 hours to go to work. What was more weird after the half hour I stood on my deck watching this cloud, the lightening totally stopped and the cloud remained motionless with other clouds in the moon lit sky, like someone turned off a power switch…. After that I went back to bed not realizing my headache was gone till the next morning. I could draw a sketch of what I saw if needed.

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