UFO Sighting in Arizona on July 24th 2015 – Two circlularsets of bright hovering lights just above horizon that vanished after a few seconds

I was standing on my porch observing an oncoming storm facing north. I noticed what appeared to be two rings of bright red/orange lights. Each ring was made up of six to eight lights. They were hovering just above the horizon over Happy Valley, Arizona in Cochise county. I was approximately ten to fifteen miles from the objects. They hovered for approximately five seconds, one ring slightly northwest of the other. They then appeared to vanish, no movement or flash of light or light trail. There appeared to be a slight haze or warping of light within the rings. When first noticed I thought they were possibly helicopters or balloons. The lights did not flash so I excluded helicopters, and when they simply vanished, I ruled out balloons. I also thought they may have been fireworks, but hey didn’t explode, they simply hovered with a steady red/orange light, and then vanished. I was excited to see the object and remained watching the area of the object for two to three minutes after its disappearance.

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