UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on July 26th 2014 – Two Red lights, one much larger than a plane following closely to a smaller red light, slightly larger than a plane circle Toronto before disappearing in the East.

I��d like to document a sighting last night that I believe is highly unusual. I��d be curious to know if anyone else has written in to you about this as well, confirming the highly strange characteristics of this sighting.

Below are 3 pictures attached to better illustrate the sighting:

1. Google Maps image of the rooftop location where my friend and I were sitting, in Yorkville area of Toronto, very much in the center of the city, corner of Avenue Rd and Davenport, facing the east initially, where we first noticed the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.
2. iPhone 5s image of the direction the UAP was first noticed. Unfortunately, I did not have my phone with me at the initial moment of the sighting but went down to get it. Once I returned it had already disappeared into an Easterly direction, the same from where we first noticed it.
3. Image of an airplane passing overhead as a contrast-reference point. I am facing West in this photo and the plane is flying East. One can clearly see, even on the wide-angle lens of the iPhone 5s, the flashing lights of the plane as well as the plane��s outline. I want to contrast the flashing red light brightness, color, and size of the plane��s lights to the lights we witnessed.


At approximately 10:15pm Sunday evening, July 26th my friend and I came up to my rooftop to have desert and watch the sky. As I sat down at the table placing the fruit bowl down, my friend was looking East and brought to my attention an unusually bright, red light. Flying from the eastern sky from my rooftop in a northerly direction were 2 objects with very large red lights. What was different about these two objects were the lights, initially. There was only one color and one light on the flying object unlike the airplanes passing overhead, which at that time the sky was very busy with air traffic compared to most evenings.

The red light was a much deeper, denser, fuller red than the airplanes passing by. It did not have a flash-like quality as I��d normally describe the airplane light flashing on and off, but was more like a slower turn-on, turn off characteristic to it, like a fade-up and down, rather than an abrupt flash on and off.

At the distance from me the larger size red light was bigger than the largest star (Jupiter), perhaps 4 to 6 times bigger than the plane lights overhead. The smaller red light was around the size of a plane��s flashing light but at that distance I would guess it is larger, but only slightly. I could not determine if it was attached to a solid object or if it was just light. My guess was that it may be attached to something but I could not see it at night, though the airplanes above the city can be seen unless they are extremely high. I also should comment that there was a lot of energy in the air, as if there was a lot going on energetically in the city at that time whereas when the lights disappeared into the eastern sky, the buzz and activity overhead quieted down to a normal Sunday night feeling for 10:30pm.

As seen in photo 3, I took a shot of a passing plane with red light flashing on its left wing. I��d describe this as a flash on and flash off, and very bright. Bright because it seems like a white light beneath a red casing, like on a police car. The red of the 2 unknown lights didn��t have that quality. They were a much deeper, saturated red without white in the brightness of it. The plane in the photo overhead is low enough to see its wings as well, as it flies in an easterly direction over my rooftop, ascending as it flies east. My guess is that this plane is 2000 feet high.

By contrast, the UAP was first noticed in the Eastern sky flying North. There were two of them. One was either smaller, just in front of the larger red light, or it was moving parallel to the larger red light but farther away in the distance, thus appearing smaller. The small red light on the first craft, which initially made me think it was a lot farther away, had a red light slightly larger than the one on the plane flying over my rooftop even though I��d guess it was flying 5000 feet high and many kilometers away. The larger red light, which flew slightly behind the first one, was perhaps the size of the 4 or more lights on the plane. Maybe four or more lights together in size if we use the plane as a cross reference. The red color was slightly deeper, darker in color to the red arrow I have drawn on the photo. It was a red that was rich, deep, and somehow different to light on a plane, which always seem to have white as the base, no matter if red, blue, or green. No other flashing or pulsing color was visible, like on an airplane. One light, deep red, and with a slow on and off quality, not like the flashing quality of the airplanes. There were also a few moments where the on-off quality of the red light was irregular, as if disappearing altogether and then appearing on the same path in the sky but farther ahead. IN the darkness of the evening and the distance from where I observed the lights, I could not determine if the lights were attached to a solid craft or not.

As the two objects flew North, it looked like the smaller one continued north and the larger one turned left sharply towards the west. The curve in my arrow in picture 2 is close to where the object banked a strong left turn. The smaller red light in front seemed to continue north for a few seconds but it then disappeared from our vision. As the larger red light made its sharp turn, it sort of did a zig-zag move, or an ��S�� shape turn before continuing north of the city but in a westerly direction. Also within seconds of that ��S�� shaped turn, I noticed a very bright white-blue flash in the sky in the North, not much more than 1/2 inch distance in the sky from the red light. It resembled a jet coming in for a landing with bright headlight on, but additionally, this bright flash seemed to me to be larger in an up/down size than wide, resembling a slit of some sort but it was extremely fast in its flash with no lingering quality.

As the larger red light continued towards the west in the sky north of the city approximately under the Big Dipper now, we noticed that the little red light was there again, just slightly in front. We commented on how it could have reached and caught up to the large red light since they seemed to veer off in different directions at the point in photo 2 where the large red light made its turn from the northeast towards the west. The little red light just appeared. This time it was moving ever so slightly in front of the larger red light as they were now heading south but in the western sky from my rooftop vantage point, which for people from Toronto would be in the direction of the International airport now. They were moving at a speed faster than the jets flying overhead, perhaps twice the speed as the jets were coming in and taking off from Pearson International Airport to the west of the city from my location.

As the 2 red lights continued south they again banked left or towards the east, as if doing a large circle around the city perimeter. As we looked to the south sky as the small and large red lights made their way east, the angle or distance between the 2 red lights gave the appearance as if they were almost touching, with no space between them. At that point I ran downstairs for my iPhone but when I came back up, they disappeared into the eastern sky where we first noticed them. I looked at my watch and it was 10:27pm. Perhaps 5 to 7 minutes later than when we first saw them.

I go up to my rooftop almost every evening to observe the sky, sometimes with my star chart to see where the different planets are or even the satellites passing overhead, which I have photographed on my iPhone. In all the years I have been living here and observing the plane routes and stars overhead, I have never seen red lights of that kind on a craft before, ever. Thus this report and the curiosity to know if other sightings from Toronto were reported about 2 deep red lights circling the city from a 5 to 10 km radius of the center of the city where I was located.

Assuming Toronto is roughly 25 miles in diameter the distance traveled would be a circle of the city = 157 miles.
If 15 min. it would be 628 miles per hour.
If 10 min it would be 924 mph., which would have given off a sonic boom if it was a conventional aircraft.
As it was closer to a 5 �� 7 minute sighting, that would make it between 1386 and 1617mph. I don��t believe it was that fast. Perhaps the circle circumference was a tighter diameter.

Assuming a tighter diameter (20 Miles) for the circle circumference = 125 miles a 15 min trip = 500 mph
10 min = 750 mph which is right around the speed of sound but still under.
At 6 min and 20 mile diameter speed = 1250 mph
I guessed the speed to be twice or more times the speed of the jets flying in all directions overhead. That said, judging distances at night by a light alone is a challenge. It could well have been much closer, like a 3 to 5 miles. Very difficult to determine.

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