UFO Sighting in Placentia, California on July 31st 2015 – Domestic air traffic at altitude along normal air traffic routes did not produce “Con-trails”. Two “Horse sew” shaped “con-trails” were produced by one or more objects that originated from the Edwards air force base area.

This UFO report has nothing to do with any type of ET beings or craft.

This report does have to do with a possible test flight of an unknown type of air craft with the most likely point of origin being Edwards Air Force Base.

On July 31, 2015, two “Con-trails” were observed to originate from the area of Edwards Air force base and return to that area. Simply put, they did a “U” turn over the City of Placentia, CA and returned in the direction of Edwards Air Force Base. “To the North”.

An important point is that civilian air craft, flying at cruising altitude, were consistently observed not to produce “Con-trails” during the time frame before, during and after this event. In 40+ years of observing this air space, I have never seen one con trail come from the North, make a “U” turn and return to the North. The fact that two such “Con-trails” occurred in a time frame that allowed both to be caught on video and still pictures in full and plain sight of incoming traffic to LAX may be of some importance.

I believe this to be more of a military test than anything else. This maybe the precursor to a public announcement of a significant announcement of flight capability than anything else, but I also believe that this is what MUFON was created to investigate.

I Must admit that I have seen some TV programs that speculate on the existence of the Aurora program. Please understand that a “chain of pearls” pattern was observed in the “con trail” only when the observed wind aloft was perpendicular (or approximated) to the travel of the craft. The prevailing high altitude winds were clearly flowing from South to North. The Chain of Pearls effect was witnessed when the craft was traveling West to East. To me this means that the effect could be produced by wind shear. On the other hand it could be produced by the propulsion system and that traveling directly into or away from the wind “masks” the nature of the propulsion system.

I do have some video on my cell phone and some still’s. See some of the attached, the quality is not great. You have access to my phone if you want it.

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