UFO Sighting in Revere, Massachusetts on July 30th 2015 – me and my girlfriend observed over 20 ufos over the ocean at revere beach

about 2 weeks ago on a Saturday night at about 3 am me and my girlfriend decide to go to revere beach and just relax on the sand and look at the stars. the moment we got comfortable and was looking up at the stars over the ocean we started to see what looked like stars moving around spontaneously in every direction. some interacted with other star like objects flying around, some moved in between other star like objects as they went.. they would stop in a dime in mid flight after moving so fast. so we go back the following night just to make sure we saw what we saw and there it goes again happening already. so last night at 1 am we go out there but this time i brought my green laser and try to communicated with them to see what would happen and they started to follow the path of my laser in the sky one when i clicked the laser 5 times the star like objects blinked 5 times so i aim the laser at the ground next to me looked up and noticed one of the star like objects direct itself right above me. 3 times ive been out there 3 times i saw at least 15 – 20 star like ufos. i believe anyone can go out there any night between 10am and 4 am and if they lay or stand on a dark spot on the beach they will witness what i did i guarantee it. please if you have people in the area send one to revere beach at night at the time frame i gave you. if possible i will even go with them.. i wish i had a good enough camera to record it.

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