UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on July 29th 2015 – looked like a star, hovered near LAKE BERREYESSA FIRE

I went out to have a smoke on my front porch. I n stepped out into my yard to try and see the sunset. When I looked I saw a star like glowing orb, object in the sky. I knew it wasn’t a star or planet because it was to bright in the sun setting sky. Plus to the east, no other stars were viewable at that time. It was off to the west, and appeared to be hovering over the lake berryessa fire. At least it appeared that way from my view in northern sacramento, ca. I took a photo and it’s attached to this report. The second picture is the image enhanced by a friend who I shared the image with. Right before I called my wife outside to view the UFO, I saw a commercial plane flew in its extreme foreground, making its approach to the sacramento airport. When the object was stationary at first, than bobbed side to side for awhile, I called my wife out to take a look, that’s when the objet started to fall like a leaf. It would stop after falling and go back to bobbing in the sky. After it had fallen, from my perspective like 2 inches.. it then hovered for a minute and then disappeared… no flashing when it did dissappear, no trial showing the direction. It’s like it went invisible cause it didn’t reappear anywhere else in the sky. While my viewing of the object appeared to be a constant light, my wife viewed to object as blinking but blinking a ‘gold’ color.

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