UFOs Hovered Over Lake County – Where Were You?

By Dan Moranwww.chicagotribune.com7-31-15      Where were you when the cigar-shaped Unidentified Flying Object appeared over Beach Park on Aug. 7, 2008? Or when a fireball-style UFO was witnessed by at least seven people in Volo on Sept. 8, 2011? If you don’t recall your whereabouts on those critical dates, then you are obviously participating […]

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – ‘This is How Low They’ve Sunk …’

Whatever works, obviously … By Billy CoxDe Void7-31-15 Robert Hastings     UFOs and Nukes author/independent researcher Robert Hastings was understandably torqued recently when someone told him he needed to check out an episode of History Channel’s “Hangar 1,” the Mutual UFO Network’s cable television platform for alerting a new generation to its sprawling database. Actually, […]

UFO Sighting in Placentia, California on July 31st 2015 – Domestic air traffic at altitude along normal air traffic routes did not produce “Con-trails”. Two “Horse sew” shaped “con-trails” were produced by one or more objects that originated from the Edwards air force base area.

This UFO report has nothing to do with any type of ET beings or craft. This report does have to do with a possible test flight of an unknown type of air craft with the most likely point of origin being Edwards Air Force Base. On July 31, 2015, two “Con-trails” were observed to originate […]

Earth Fly-By of ‘Space Peanut’ | VIDEO

Radar data of asteroid 1999 JD6 revealed the object is a contact binary consisting of two lobes. The data was collected over seven and a half hours on July 25, 2015, when the asteroid was about 4.5 million miles (7.2 million kilometers) from Earth. By NASA7-31-15      NASA scientists have used two giant, Earth-based […]

My personal alien experience

So every month me and my friends go on a occasional fishing trip. Yesterday, we were doing so. We fished until dawn (didn’t catch anything.) Eventually, we gave up and took the boat back to the shore. That’s when my friend noticed bubbles coming out of the water. My comrade and I leaned in to […]

UFO Sighting in Grand Canyon Village, Arizona on July 28th 2015 – On July 28th 2015 as I was flying from NYC to Los Angeles I saw 8 UFOs. They appeared to have light coming off them from every side and angle that they turned and moved.

On July 28th 2015 as I was flying from NYC to Los Angeles I saw 8 UFOs. We were at approx 35,000 feet going 521 mph (ground speed). I was looking at our flight path on my phone and watching the terrain below. I have never in my life seen an alien or a ufo […]

Flashback Friday: A new thing to fear: “intranasal teeth”.

Maybe it’s because of the various traumatic ways I lost my baby teeth, but whatever the reason, teeth feature prominently in my nightmares. And now I have yet another vision to add to the bag of horror: “intranasal teeth” (literally, teeth inside the nose). Apparently (and horrifyingly), it’s not unheard of to have teeth buried […]