“IS HEAVEN JUST ANOTHER UFO DESTINATION?”   By Timothy Green Beckley   (Copyright 2015, Timothy Beckley – All Rights Reserved)   *******   A New Book on “The AFTERLIFE” Asks Important Questions   New York, NY – Author and UFO investigator Diane Tessman says the fear of death hangs as a shadow over […]

A Weapon from the Soil

It is common knowledge that the discovery of penicillin in the laboratory of Alexander Fleming radically changed the world of medicine and public health, allowing us to treat and cure once intractable and deadly bacterial infections. Less well-known is the winding road from discovery, past numerous roadblocks including production limitations and the second World War, to widespread use. A […]

Favorite UFO type

Although the classic flying saucer is thought to be the disc with a dome on top, the very first UFO report made by Kenneth Arnold in June of 1947 was nothing like what most view as the classic UFO. kenneth-arnold-ufo.jpg The Roswell crash approximately 2 weeks later was also not a classic UFO shape. Oddly […]

Uruguayan Government UFO Article: “OFFICE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS NATIONAL PRESS SUMMARY – Date 06/06 to 08/06/09: There are still 40 cases of unexplained UFOs. Research. Air Force declassified files; do not rule out the ‘extraterrestrial hypothesis’ ”

(Uruguayan Ministry of National Defence, Montevideo, Uruguay) The article reports on the UFO research work of the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mdn.gub.uy%2Fpublic%2Fadmdoc%2F34c86c2be68c942707595ab93f7a9966%2Fresprenac080609.pdf&edit-text (fau.com.uy image)

UFO News Article & Radio Programme (Spanish): “40 UFO cases reported per year and 3% cannot be explained”

16 November 2012 (Radio Uruguay 1050 AM, Montevideo, Uruguay) Radio Uruguay 1050 AM (state-owned) presents an interview with the CRIDOVNI members Colonel Ariel Sánchez, Uruguayan Air Force (Chairman of CRIDOVNI) and Carlos Pérez Lavagnini: https://translate.google.no/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.mec.gub.uy/innovaportal/v/27881/61/mecweb/se-reportan-40-casos-de-ovnis-por-ano-y-3-no-llegan-a-explicarse%3Fparentid%3D11305&prev=search (ldi5.com image)

UFO News Article: “UFO theorists gain support abroad, but repression at home”

By Leslie Kean, 21 May 2000 (The Boston Globe, Massachusetts) Source: ufoevidence.org. Quote from the article: “US Naval Reserve Commander Willard H. Miller has long been communicating this same concern to high level federal officials. With over 30 years in Navy and joint interagency operations with the Defense Department, Miller has participated in a series of […]


  UFO OVER THE LAKE By Pat Regan (Copyright 2015, Pat Regan – All Rights Reserved)  ******* Fishing ventures are times when the unexpected can crop up. This was proven for me personally when I photographed a twister in Rufford and subsequent UFO some years ago. UFO Working Team Lancashire http://ufodigest.com/article/ufo-hunters-working-team-lancashire   More recently my son […]

NASA’s Exploration of Two Potentially Life-Supporting Alien Worlds?

By Mike Wall Space.com8-31-115      A decade from now, NASA probes could be on their way to explore two potentially life-supporting alien worlds. The agency already plans to launch a spacecraft toward the Jupiter moon Europa in the early to mid-2020s, and it’s mulling a mission to the Saturn satellite Enceladus that would lift […]

Shock Therapy is Saving Endangered California Condors

North America’s largest bird is on the verge of extinction, and scientists are using shock therapy to give them a fighting chance. The California condor’s wings stretch nearly 10 feet across to help them glide atop air currents while they search for a meal to scavenge. Power lines are a formidable foe for these birds […]

UFO Reported Following Donald Trump’s Helicopter

By Lee SpeigelThe Huffington Post8-31-15      […] a UFO was reported following Donald Trump’s helicopter earlier this month at the Iowa State Fair. […] Trump was at the fair Aug. 15, offering kids a free ride on his chopper. At 1 p.m., an onlooker snapped a picture (see above) that later revealed an unusual-looking […]