The Two American Men who Disappeared while Looking for a UFO in 1953

Hi guys, this is my first post outside of the Introduction board. I was wondering if anybody here is familiar with the disappearances of Karl Hunrath and Wilbur Wilkinson?

Hunrath and Wilkinson were two electrical engineers and UFO enthusiasts who rented a small plane in Los Angeles in November 1953. Hunrath had told Wilkinson that a UFO landed in the area the day before, and he said he would show it to Wilkinson. Both claimed they were in contact with an alien race called the Maserians, and that the Maserians were intending to soon invade earth. They believed the UFO Hunrath saw was a Maserian craft, and that the Maserians would take the two humans to their home planet.

After Hunrath and Wilkinson took off from the airport, they were never seen again. They had only three hours of fuel, so it’s likely they might have crashed, but their bodies and any pieces from the plane have never turned up. UFO investigator George Hunt Williamson thought Hunrath was a con-artist, and concluded that they either crashed or left their old lives behind to live new ones.

So what are your guys’ thoughts? This is one of my favorite cases, but I can’t find much information about it.

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