Richard Gage Presents ‘9/11 BLUEPRINT FOR TRUTH’ Live! (Georgia Tech 5-16-15)

Streamed live on May 16, 2015…Presentation begins…@28:53

Streaming live from the Campus of Georgia Institute of Technology’s Clary Theater, Richard Gage will be giving an interactive presentation entitled ” 9/11 Blueprint for Truth” in conjunction with several of the world’s most high respected and preeminent Architects and Engineers from around the world. This event coincides with the American Institute of Architects National Convention now in progress in Atlanta during which the AIA was to vote on resolution 15-6 to open a new investigation into the collapse of WTC 7. For more information please visit…

Resolution 15-6, which called upon the AIA to support a new WTC 7 investigation, was voted down 3,892 to 160, garnering 4% of the delegates’ votes.

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