UFO Sighting in London, on July 30th 2015 – Bright, orange light… hovered before coasting sideways

I was walking home on a fine evening, the sky was clear and the only other object in the sky was a bright, full moon.

I was descending a steep hill when I noticed a vividly bright, orange light in the sky. Because it was so bright, I assumed at first that the object was the planet Venus.

I should say at this point that the sighting took place approximately 15 miles from Heathrow Airport. However, this was certainly not an aircraft (having grown up and lived in the area most of my life I’m very familiar with planes!)

As I continued walking I realised that the object was in fact rather close by; 2 miles or so at a guess. It was hovering, perfectly still and shining brilliantly. As the minutes passed I grew increasingly puzzled and so took a photograph using my iPhone.

Shortly after taking a picture the glow dimmed (in a steady way, as though it was controlled by a dimmer switch). it was still quite bright however and was clearly orb shaped. After dimming, the object moved sideways in a perfectly straight line and disappeared from view.

(Note, in the attached photograph the orange lights

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