Chemtrails Geoengineering Louisiana Wake up Planet Earth
The Seven Plagues are raining down on HUMANITY…
On my video’s or Internet Radio Broadcast I research TRUTH, Awakening Conscious and talk about
current events battle main stream media lies, I am not paid for this i collect no royalties from youtube
my only mission is to serve the FATHER, wake people up to tyranny expose the evil around us
so you will know TRUTH as well as I do…I selflessly teach knowing I am a targeted individual,
of the evil High Priest and the Banker FRIENDS that RULE this planet…I am not a fan of organized
religon, pagan dieties or mythological gods I serve only one Master, my creator and Jesus to me
is a metaphore for my life,i walk in his footsteps however i do not worship his naked body on a cross
I do not eat is body or drink his blood in pagan celebration of his death like a pagan engraved image
Jesus to me is by brother and he sits with my father in heaven for his choices in life, i cannot wait
to see him, i fear only one man my father and his judgment, i fear not knowing truth and i am passionate about
truth… Join me on my Journey subscribe to my channel and lets find truth together…


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What our Governments U.N.

and Hollywood
, Money Printers calls Climate Change
I call Spiritual Psychologicals and Physical Blood Sacrifice Warfare…
Geoengineering, Fracking, Dirty Energy EMF, EMR, Nuclear Radiation,
Hording Water, Food, GMO’s and Most importantly Eugenics…

Strong people and strong beliefs make up the foundation for a strong community.
The leadership at Frederick Wust does our utmost to live by example
We work to build a better community by engaging people honestly
and acting in a reflective manner o

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