UFO Sighting in Elmira, Michigan on August 13th 2015 – bright round object traveling at a slow even speed across start night until it expanded inside and glowed brighter for seconds then returned to its previous size and continued on its previous path

I work a third shift so I went to bed at around 4:15 or so. At around 4:25 I heard what sounded like an engine running off in the distance. It has a hum quality to it and vacillates and is not a steady sound. So I got up from bed (second story back bedroom) and looked out the front bedroom window, then went back to my room and looked out back bedroom window that faces mostly forest but with an opening of about 100 feet by 70 feet that is clear of trees.I saw a couple of shooting stars then from behind a tree came a glowing object that looked to be at the height of a plane would usually be and moving what seemed at the same speed appeared and continued on a straight path contrary to the path the meteorites were taking and moved along steady until all of a sudden the round object flared up and at least doubled in size for just seconds then returned to its previous size. The sky was really clear and many stars could be seen. Lost sight of the object because of the trees. Still do not know what it was but was thrilled when I was seeing it and sad to see it go.

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