UFO Sighting in Hinton, West Virginia on August 12th 2015 – Watching for meteors. Glanced up saw dark object with 4 red lights oriented in straight line.

Stepped outside my home at approx 10:45 PM to look for meteor showers. At approx. 11 pm a friend stopped in their vehicle and we were chatting. At some point I happened to look up and to my right and there is this line of four red lights slowly crossing my field of vision. The lights were in alignment as if down the side or bottom of an aircraft..The leading light was smaller than the next two and then the fourth was the same size as the first. There were NO white or flashing lights. My friend also observed the lights. we live in a narrow river valley so the object was lost to view after perhaps 1 to 2 minutes as it crossed a ridge heading east northeast. The red lights didnt have the “bright red” color you normally see on aircraft at night. As to shape of the object..there appeared to be a cloud like haze..which was probably light cloud cover. If it was a blimp, it was VERY big. Also it made no noise that either of us heard.

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