Black Triangle Sighting in Leeds, Alabama on August 9th 2015 – a triangle formation of lights pulsating,and moving in large circle and path

While star gazing I noticed a satellite and told my brother to check it out. He was looking through my binoculars and after a minute I asked if he seen the satellite. He asked me What is that flashing. I asked where and grabbed the binoculars. And I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I stargaze every chance I get and have never seen anything like this. It was a triangle formation of lights hovering about 30 degrees above the horizon, and flashing and pulsating white and blue. And then it made a circle movement that covered a large area. then it moved in a straight line, then dropped and came back to where it was when we first seen it. My daughter asked where it was and I pointed a green laser that was made for a rifle at it, and the lights vanished. My brother witnessed this as well. I have looked for it every night since and have seen nothing out of the ordinary.

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