UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on June 15th 2013 – I had several sightings day and night of different shaped craft and different lighting. Craft also changed shape

One night looking towards a military base near that area I noticed a several red lights one at a time lifting straight up in air then shooting across sky at extreme rate of speed.
Couple nights later notices what appeared to be a bright star in sky untill it dawned on me it was below atmosphere and jumping around at great speed and unlike anything man made I’m aware of. When I took pictures on my cell phone (which was stolen with sd card with pics on it) every pic I took the object had reptile like faces and kept changing shift on every pic and I took like 15 in a 45 second period.

Then very next morning in broad daylight I noticed several round craft lifting from military base but were cloaked. Not invisible but yet invisible. Like it was cloaked. I could see straight through them but still see them similar to when the hellicarrier in the avengers movie cloaked itself. They were flying around the city and at times flew directly over my house no more than 50 feet above me. What’s even stranger is at one point almost as if they noticed me noticing them one of the crafts changed shape while still cloaked into a skull and shot towards me opening mouth like it was gonna swallow me up. Scared to death I ran inside and for two weeks did not leave my home. Was scared to sharestory for fear of being made out to be crazy. But I welcome a lie detector test to prove I saw what I say I saw.

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