UFO Sighting in Exeter, England on August 11th 2015 – Glowing orange orb that moved silently just above the horizon then disappeared

I am a taxi driver & had just got home from a job,as there was a meteor shower predicted I was keeping an eye on the skies. As I approached my house I noticed an orange orb low in the sky, when I got out of the car I wanted to have a better look, thinking it was Mars, but then I realised it was moving but I couldn’t hear anything. I’ve seen thousands of aircraft over the years & knew it wasn’t any of the normal aircraft that fly over my house because it was only one light,normal aircraft have several lights and they flash. I then heard an engine & was about to go into the house when I realised that, yes I could hear a plane but that was behind me & then I saw the lights of the plane,the plane & the orb passed each other about 1 mile apart going in opposite directions. I then let myself into the house & went out to the back garden & continued watching as it flew quite slowly across still not far above the horizon & then suddenly it was gone. I was never sure if I believed in ufo’s before, but this wasn’t anything I’ve ever seen before. My house is situated between 2 airports, plus a couple of airfields for light aircraft & gliders & there are a couple of military airbase in the area so I really have seen most aircraft (including concorde)

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